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Born in Pasadena, California, George Nader was built to become an actor. His early years included numerous school plays and comedy shows. George Nader was born to parents with Kansas and Illinois heritage with hints of Lebanese. His acting was fraught with his roots as were his looks.

After completing his Bachelor’s, George Nader was sure to sign up for the war. He served in the Navy as an operator. After the war George pursued his career in acting by doing various plays in the Pasadena Playhouse. George Nader got his first big break with ‘Robot Monster’ which bagged him his first ever contract with a major production house, Universal.

The life of George Nader is a series of ups and downs with many heartwarming moments. His perseverance as an actor and dedication to loved ones is probably what stood him apart from the crowd. Another rib-tickling fact about George Nader shining separately in the limelight was his chest hair. Many actors of that time would shave off their hair to sport a clean and smooth chest. Mr. George Nader, on the other hand, was sold his beefy personality with a masculine body.

After moving to Europe to avoid a scandal George Nader pursued his career in acting. He gave up the stardom only after meeting an accident and shifted his focus towards writing. George Nader was forever creative throughout his life even though he could only manage mediocre fame.

One of his books ‘Chrome’ was a best seller and is still purchased due to its homoerotic literature. George Nader was admitted to a nursing home in Palm Springs after a mysterious infection took hold of him. He passed away 6 months later on February 2002 in the same nursing home. Till the end, George Nader had his lifelong partner, Mark Miller next to him through thick and thin.