George Nader was born in 1921 in Pasadena, California to Anne Scott from Kansas and George Sr. from Illinois. George Nader completed his graduation in Theatre Expression from Occidental College and promptly signed up for war with Navy.

After returning from the war, George Nader worked in several plays at the Pasadena Playhouse. His first movie was ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ where he had a starring role. After various small stints in other movies, he bagged his first game changer, ‘Robot Monster’. This movie turned heads as it was made on a very low budget of $16,000 while earned massive millions.

Universal took him under his wings and George Nader got a chance to rub shoulders with many other famous actors of the time such as Rock Hudson and Jeff Chandler in supporting roles. During this period George Nader never gave up on TV shows and continued to appear on various episodes.

George Nader starred in many films which were turned down by Jeff Chandler, though it was never enough for him. His partner Mark Miller whom George Nader had met on the stage of Pasadena Playhouse supported him financially as well as emotionally.

A hint of a scandal threat by ‘Confidential’ made George Nader leave the States and move to Europe. Here he played in a series of German movies which became very popular with the local folk. His character ‘Jerry Cotton’ was a FBI operator who became an instant hit with the audience.

George Nader also appeared in 2 other pilot episodes of TV shows. A car accident hurt Nader’s eye and he was unable to perform under bright lights. This marked the end of his acting career and the beginning of his writing career.

George Nader authored 2 books ‘Chrome’ and ‘Perils of Paul’ which were both based on homosexuality. In 2002, George Nader passed away in Palm Springs survived by his partner Mark Miller.