George Nader, though a B grade turnout, made many noteworthy movies. He started his career with ‘Rustlers on Horseback’ (1950) from where he got a chance to do various small roles in other movies such as ‘You’re in the Navy now’, ‘The Prowler’ and ‘Take care of my little Girl’. Most of these roles were uncredited though.

His major break came with ‘Robot Monster’ in 1953 from where he bagged a contract with Universal. Soon many supporting roles followed in movies such as ‘Sins of Jezebel’ (1953). ‘Your play time’ (1953) and TV shows like ‘Hallmark Hall of Fame’.

He starred in movies which were turned down by Jeff Chandler. These were ‘Carnival Story’ (1954), ‘The Second Greatest Sex’ (1955) and ‘Lady Godiva of Coventry’ (1955). His more noteworthy performances were in ‘Miss Robin Crusoe’ (1954) as Jonathan and ‘Four Guns to the Border’ (1954) as Bronco.

Another movies such as ‘Four Girls in Town’, ‘Man Afraid’, ‘Joe Butterfly’, ‘Climax!’ and ‘Flood Tide’ soon followed in the year 1957 when Nader was working for Universal. During this time George Nader did a variety of TV shows and appeared in many episodes. The best performances which Nader fans speak of today as well are in ‘The Man and the Challenge’, ‘The Loretta Young Show’, ‘Lux Video Theatre’ and ‘The further adventures of Ellery Queen’.

After leaving Universal and moving to Europe, George Nader starred in a series of TV shows and German films. His character ‘Jerry Cotton’ was much loved by the public and he made 8 films of the same franchise. One of his movies ‘GI Smith’ in which he gave a stellar performance was never made.

Before his car accident, George Nader acted in a film called ‘Nakia’ where he played the part of ‘McMasters’. This was a television movie and unfortunately Nader’s final role.