George Nader’s ‘Chrome’ is still a best-seller

Not many of us are aware of the erstwhile actor Mr. George Nader. Those of us who do know of him might not be aware that he was a writer as well as an actor and the author of famous book called ‘Chrome’. Even after 3 decades, ‘Chrome’ is a best seller with its soft copies available on Amazon. It has a 3.5 star rating on Good reads and falls in the homoerotic literature section.

George Nader was an American actor who had to leave Hollywood after a tabloid, ‘Confidential’ threatened to publish a false homosexual piece on him with the very famous actor ‘Rock Hudson’. Many claim that Universal cut a deal in which Nader received the short end of the bargain.

After moving to Europe, Nader made a name for himself in the cinema there. However, he was soon in a car accident and lost the ability to work under bright lights. This turned him towards writing which is actually a boon for the homosexual interested readers. You talk about lesbians and the shelves are filled with erotic literature. However, if you seek gay romance, the choices are limited.

Nader and Miller have been partners since late 40s when Nader was still in his struggling days. However, they chose to come out with their homosexuality only in the early 80s, when their close friend Hudson passed away due to AIDS.

George Nader captured the same sex romance between a human and a robot beautifully in this work of fiction. His other work, ‘The Perils of Paul’ is based on real life episodes of George and his partner Miller. The book which was self-published in 1999 is claimed to be equally intriguing.

Even today ‘Chrome’ is a much sought after book by the general population because of its strong plot and interesting writing effect.